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With a warm and accessible speaking style, Faigin offers a wealth of information about the visual arts. Faigin is a popular presenter to art groups in schools and colleges, as well as at medical conferences, Rotary Club meetings and media studios. He has lectured at museums and given art tours of many public and private collections. In addition, Faigin has been a moderator, panelist and host for a variety of art-related presentations, including televised ArtTalks at Seattle's Town Hall. 


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Sorolla lecture, Madrid, 2011

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Teaching at TOPS Elementary, 2016


Teaching at MPC London, 2017

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Michelangelo’s "David": Faigin gives the fascinating and surprising backstory of this monumental masterpiece – why it was commissioned, how it was carved, and its complicated "life" after completion.  

The 20th Century's Least Known Great Artist : Faigin examines the fascinating life and work of Italian painter,  Giorgio Morandi, now considered the greatest master of Still Life in the 20th C. His art works are noted for their simplicity, repetition and tonal subtlety.

Worst Paintings by Famous Artists : With ample visuals,  Faigin compares and contrasts the worst and best artworks of a number of famous artists and gives his own explanation - as painter and art historian - for the reasons behind their failed projects.

The Medici in Florence :  A thoughtful overview of the powerhouse Medici dynasty, unofficially running renaissance Florence, and their historically-significant patronage of church art. The art images are gorgeous, and their multi-generational rise and fall is fascinating.   

Masterpiece Theater :  A close look at single paintings and their complex origins and meanings.  Examples:  Raft of the Medusa; The Nightwatch; Demoiselles d ’Avignon, and the Arnolfini Betrothal.

Caravaggio, the Bad Boy Who Rewrote Art History : Faigin illuminates the most famous artworks and fascinating life story of Baroque artist Caravaggio, a sublime master of realism inside the studio and an incorrigible delinquent on the street.

The Art Bucket List : 10 European Art Masterworks that Everyone Should See Before They Die : More than simply a “best-of” list, this talk is a quick tour through some of the most compelling artist personalities and stories of Western Art. 

See the Light | How Renaissance Painters Changed the Way We See : Faigin focuses on the impact Renaissance masters had on the history of representational art, discussing artists such as Masaccio & Caravaggio and explains how the ideas they developed 500 years ago are still pertinent today. (4 lecture series)


Why Johnny and Janie Can’t Draw : A brief look at the end of academic training (the Bauhaus etc.), and why a few schools like Gage Academy of Art are trying to save traditional art training before it becomes extinct.

See an Apple, Draw an Abstraction?  Faigin discusses the forgotten link between academic training and breakthroughs in modern art, and how Gage is maintaining that connection. 

Artists are Made, not Born : Yes, everyone can draw.  How it happens, and what it means.  Myths about who is an “artist” exploded.  And why, at Gage, no portfolio required.

Out of the Shadows (#1) : Light has been a preoccupation of artists at least since the Renaissance.  Faigin demonstrates various light-creating techniques, and traces the history of their use in art through the centuries.  

Out of the Shadows (#2 ): What color are shadows?  Once they appeared in art, they needed to be described.  Artists have been changing their minds about how to do that ever since.  

Making Space :  Perspective was re-discovered during the Renaissance.  Faigin demonstrates the simple basic principles behind the idea, and traces its emergence, heyday, and marginalization.  Final topic: Cubism seals the deal.  

Everyone who works with the face will benefit from Faigin's original and often surprising insights into this most important subject - the human face, and how it communicates with others.

The Art of Facial Expression : Drawing from his classic book on the subject, Faigin provides a wide-ranging visual presentation  of human facial expression in life and in art.  This lecture is of interest to the general public, plastic + dental surgeons, as well as traditional + digital artists.

Facial Expression Demos 1, 2 + 3 :  "The Movement of Individual Facial Units," "Facial Expression of Emotion" + "Advanced Concepts." These in-depths demonstrations are designed as 3-hour professional development modules for VFX studios and college animation departments.

ArtTalk : During one hour animated conversations, Faigin engages with prominent local artists such as Jeffry Mitchell, Joe Park, Roger Shimamura and Tip Toland to learn more about their influences and artistic process. You can view Faigin's Town Hall ArtTalks on the Seattle Channel.

ArtTalk with Patti Warashina 2016

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