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This special collection of Faigin paintings is offered to support  the education of under-represented and low-income teen music students through the Ben Faigin Music Opportunity Fund. If you wish to purchase a painting on-line, please contact directly.

All paintings are priced at $500. The collection includes:

Ben & Cello.JPG
BEN FAIGIN 1996 - 2020
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Music was central to Ben Faigin’s life. Ben took his first music class as a toddler, played cello in youth orchestras and chamber groups, and later expanded his repertoire to guitar and piano.


The Ben Faigin Music Opportunity Fund was established at the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation to provide young NW musicians from under-represented communities and low-income families with scholarship support for classical training, youth music organizations with operational support, plus one annual prize for an exceptional, concert-ready young artist. To date, Ben's music fund has impacted the lives of over 150 young musicians.

100% of the sale price of each Faigin painting in the Five Hundred Bucks Flat art sale will be invested in the Ben Faigin Music Opportunity FundPlease Note: As each Faigin painting is valued at $500 or more, you will not receive a tax-deductible acknowledgement for your artwork purchase.

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