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Drawing is the most direct form of expression, and the most encouraging of invention and experimentation.  Drawings don’t require “finishing” to be complete, and they can quickly encompass an idea. I love the tactile feeling of charcoal on thick printmaking paper and using an eraser to draw as much as the drawing tool itself.  I have hundreds of drawings in drawers and in sketchbooks that I refer back to when I get “stuck” and am searching for a new direction or inspiration, and often I find something on an old sheet that I’ve forgotten about but kicks me into gear. 


Click on image to see full drawing.

Charcoal is the simplest of all media, simply a piece of wood that has been burned in a vacuum and carbonized. Charcoal drawing can be very close to painting when used in a tonal manner, and many of Faigin's painting series have begun with a series of charcoal explorations. Making light out of darkness - now there's a fascinating contradiction in terms. 

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