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With a vision of opening a contemporary art school to teach the classical principles of fine art, in 1989, Faigin co-founded Gage Academy of Art in partnership with his wife, architect and educator, Pamela Belyea. The school opened in 1990.


In 1998, the school won the Seattle Mayor's Small Business Award; in 2007, Gage won the Governor's Arts Award; and, in 2015, the Seattle Mayor proclaimed February 14 "Gage Day" on the occasion of the school's 25th anniversary. Pamela retired in 2013; Gage Academy of Art is currently led by Executive Director Kathleen Allen and  Faigin serves as the Artistic Director.


Since 1995, Faigin has been guiding art history tours through the art capitols of the United States and Europe.  Faigin’s expertise in Western art, his in-depth understanding of the cultural and political currents during the lives of the artists and his biographical  details of the artists, makes his fun and informative tours extremely popular with artists and art lovers alike. 

Past Faigin-led art tours have focused on single cities with  cultural treasures, such as New York, London, Paris, St. Petersburg, and Florence. Other tours have spanned a country or a region with a rich artistic history.


  • Amsterdam to Paris

  • London + Paris

  • Madrid to Barcelona

  • Provence to Paris 

  • Rome to Venice

  • ​Vienna to Prague 

  • US museums in New York, Detroit, Los Angeles + Washington, DC


Since the Renaissance, ambitious young artists have sought to apprentice under master artists in their studios. The word "atelier" means studio in French and, at Gage, following this same tradition, well-known professional artists offer concentrated study in year-long programs to self-selected cohorts of dedicated art students.

Gary Faigin teaches one of the six ateliers at Gage, leading a part-time studio program remotely (on Zoom) with a small group of painting students interested in exploring concept, composition, color, spatial effects and the development of their own individual style through the study of still-life arrangements. For painters, no other subject matter offers the artist quite as much control over every aspect of their pictorial effect, and none has as rich and interesting a history. To learn more, go here.

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Carrying on the lecture tradition of Art Student League master art instructors, such as George Bridgman and Robert Beverly Hale, Faigin presents entertaining, accessible and applicable lectures for artists-in-training and the general public. Please consult the Gage Academy of Art website for up-to-date information.

PERSPECTIVE - Fall Quarter
Faigin presents his Principles of Perspective Drawing lecture series over six to eight weeks focused on the principles and history of perspective drawing. With demonstrations, drawings and projected images, Faigin covers one- and two-point perspective, the construction of a perspective grid, how to depict reflections, water, and images in mirrors, and more.

DRAWING THE HEAD - Spring Quarter
An expert in portraiture and facial expression, Faigin presents an animated discourse on the fundamental forms of the skull, the proportions of the head, constructing the forms of the facial features, shading the head as a whole, with the final evening devoted to depicting the six basic facial expressions. 

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