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In a carefully organized, easy-to-use format, Faigin shows readers the expressions created by activating the individual facial muscles, then draws them together in separate, fully illustrated chapters devoted to the six basic human emotions: sadness, anger, joy, fear, disgust, and surprise.

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"I teach animation and I recommend that every student add this book to their personal library. Faigin provides just the right blend of anatomy (how the face moves) and psychology (how the emotions animate the face). His examples are clear and lucid, drawing from fine-art painting and sculpture to court room photographs. The kindle version works better than I thought it would."  CarlEd,

"I've been a professional painter for years, and am now studying book illustration. Gary Faigin’s book is fascinating, informative, incredibly instructive, and in short, possibly the best book I’ve ever bought on any topic. Is he planning on writing The Artist’s Complete Guide to anything else?”   M. Adilman, Israel, 
“Thanks for creating such a seminal work that has become indispensable to me and other professionals in the VFX community over our careers!”  Character TD Supervisor, LinkedIn

“Your book "The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression " was a booster rocket for my career. Thank you so very much.”  VFX Supervisor, LinkedIn

"This book explains what is behind the scenes in the human face, in terms of muscles and bones. It looks at things from every possible angle. It shows how different emotions create different facial expressions. It shows how faces change as they age."  A Reader,

“Beautiful work you do. I believe everyone in our facial modeling department has your book for reference.”   CG Modeler, LinkedIn

“Just great — especially if you are unfamiliar with facial musculature. More advanced artists can utilize this book to make their expressions better.”  K. Petrovic, New Zealand,

"I have given this book as a gift to Speech/Language Pathologists who deal with Pragmatic Language skills, to Occupational Therapists, to psychologists and psychiatrists who run social skills groups to help kids and adults navigate the social maze, and to my nephew, a professional clown who is fashioning an act involving social cluelessness (a very common subject in comedy, when you think about it). Terrific. I give it the highest possible marks."   Tobie Helene Shapiro, Berkeley,

'I've been a big fan of your book for almost two decades and use it as my text book for facial expression class."  Digital artist/ sculptor/ designer/ educator, LinkedIn​

"Your work is greatly admired and appreciated. You have helped many artists (myself included) in various aspects and disciplines of art - but especially, the rendering of the human face. Your contributions are invaluable to the work many of us do."  Forensic Artist, Graphics Manager, Law Enforcer. Trainer & Lecturer, LinkedIn

"In the back, there is a sketch guide to the quintessentials of each expression for fast reference. The main body covers how these look in detail and somewhat varied lighting, discussing which muscles bulge, and how the shape of the eye is affected, and everything else necessary to let you get just the right subtle or dramatic look, that can determine the whole mood of the work."  Holly Ingraham, Honolulu,

"I love your book and have referred students to it for some of my classes. I found it invaluable when I set up some of my face rigs, adding a sneer morph really helped on one project. And as a matter of general knowledge, I found your detailed breakdowns between fake smiles vs. real, stifled tears vs. pride/happiness quite informative and fascinating."   ​Professor of Animation, LinkedIn

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